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The English Springer Spaniel perfectly combines two roles-a hunting dog and a pet pet. Easily tolerates bad weather. In the 30-degree heat, he runs and plays outside as actively as in the 30-degree frost.ACC adore children, are happy to mess with them and participate in all children's games and pranks.

- Excellent behavior with children
- A good worker in the field
- Very much Smart
- Betrayed
- A favorite of the whole family

Bred in the UK in the 14th century in the county of Norfolk from the field spaniel, a larger and more massive dog, similar to a small setter, from which the spaniel differs mainly in that it does not stand up.

At first, it was used during falconry for tracking and corralling game in the net, then it was used as a hunting dog: it is excellent aportiruet, it is able to bring a large hare or fox in its teeth.
The English Springer Spaniel, as a representative of a very old breed, is distinguished by its pure origin.

Description of the Springer Spaniel breed, that is, a dog that scares away game hidden in the grass or bushes, is given in the XVI century. in the book by John Caius, published in 1576. However, over the centuries, the appearance of the dog has changed as a result of crossing. These changes are clearly visible when you look at old paintings or engravings with images of spaniels. First of all, attention is drawn to the fact that in these pictures the color of spaniels is almost exclusively brown-red-white. This color is considered to be the historical color of spaniels.


The English Springer Spaniel is one of the oldest breeds of dogs.

Springer spaniels are medium-sized, they stand out vividly against the background of other varieties of spaniels primarily by their color, they always have a clearly defined white spot on their muzzle. The coat color can be black and white or brown and white.
The English Springer Spaniel has a cheerful character, is naturally very kind, it is rarely used as a guard, as it is not at all prone to aggression, but as a nanny for children, it is ideal, because it is very careful and attentive in everything.

They are quite capable of living both in the expanses of a country estate and in an apartment.

These wonderful dogs simply can not go unnoticed, they cause emotion and amaze others with their ingenuity. At many dog shows and in all sorts of competitions, they occupy a leading position and all because the mind is their distinctive feature, which has been awarded to them by nature.


Despite the high activity and inexhaustible energy, this breed can be suitable for residential maintenance. But with one condition-if the pet will be given due attention. The dog must run every day, so it needs to provide a place for a free walk. This can be a park or the nearest landing and meadow. It is very good if there is a pond nearby, springers love water and the opportunity to swim is the best reward for good behavior.

The English Springer Spaniel is in good health. It is easy to take care of it, but you will need to keep your ears clean all the time. As for the care of the wool, the home or exhibition type of springer will require a little more of your attention and time than the field working type. Both types have a soft, silky coat, but the first type will need to be shaved regularly on the head and shaped on the chest and back.


Training these dogs is a pleasure. The more you load Springer Spaniel with challenging games and challenges, the more active and fun it will be. In addition, these pets are characterized by very high obedience. They are ready to fulfill any whim of their master, but within reason, of course.



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